Pricing + FAQ


Wedding Photography Packages start at $1800

Wedding Videography Packages start at $1800

Engagement/Bridal Sessions start at $215

Dual Photography and Videography Packages are available. Consultation required for price quote.


50% deposit required upon booking to secure your wedding date.

Travel fees are applicable for weddings located 50 miles outside of the Gilbert, AZ region.

Majority of wedding packages include either engagements or bridals.


Non-refundable deposit due at time of booking to secure Engagement or Bridal sessions.





Portrait Sessions start at $180

Family Sessions start at $300


Check my Instagram @morganmarieweaver for flash sales and mini sessions.


  • What do you shoot with?

    The majority of the photography you see on my page is shot on the Canon 6D. I personally love this camera for it’s low light capabilities. My go-to lenses are the Canon 50mm 1.2, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, and Tamron 24-70mm 2.8. I also use a Canon Speedlite 600EXII-RT for really dark receptions. I’ve experimented lots with equipment, and these are my favorite picks for photography.

    When it comes to videography, we primarily use a Sony A7SII. Our choice lenses are the Sigma Art 24mm 1.4, Sony G-Master 16-35mm 2.8 and Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.4 Our stabilization choice depends on the setting we are shooting in. We use anything from Glidecams, monopods, and (Morgan’s personal favorite) a Zhiyun Crane V2.

  • Do you give out RAW files?

    Nope! As a service to you, we automatically eliminate any test shots, photos where someone has blinked or wind has blown hair in your face, and any duplicate photos from your gallery. That way you get the best quality possible. I spend many hours processing these files so that they are an accurate representation of your day and represent the work you see on my website. Another reason we don’t deliver these files is because they are HUGE. Like seriously MASSIVE. We have big storage drives for the sole purpose of housing these files. It would be nearly impossible to deliver them to you, and you couldn’t even physically and legally print these raw files if you tried. Don’t worry! We’ve got ya covered. Everything you will receive is the top-notch quality that we can deliver.

  • Where are you based? Do you travel?

    Currently, I am based out Gilbert, AZ. I do travel and love the opportunity to do so! Since we are so close to Utah and Southern California and we have family there to stay with, I’m fortunate that I get to offer discounted travel for weddings in the Salt Lake City and San Diego areas. Thinking of tying the knot somewhere outside of AZ, CA or UT? Hit up my #Goals page to see if your destination is on our travel list! We offer discounts for specific locations.

  • Are “Bridals” and “Formals” the same?

    Yes! Back in the day, “bridals” were photos just taken of the bride. Often times, these were taken in a studio and the groom was usually not invited. Formals were usually defined as photos of the couple together. Nowadays, the terms bridals and formals are used synonymously. They are pretty much the exact same thing. So I DO encourage you to bring your groom to “bridals.” Why? This is a great option to capture photos of the both of you prior the the big day. You’ll find your wedding day will be busy, and already having great shots of the both of you will help eliminate stress on timing. We’ll get shots of you together and individually. Taking Bridals prior to your wedding day also allows for a “First Look” which is a really fun option for some couples.