What to Wear for your Engagements


It’s that time of year! It’s Engagement season! My engagement session schedule is booking up fast and I couldn’t be more excited for the people I get to work within the next few months. One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my couples is, “what do we wear to our session?” I love helping my couples look their best, so here are some of my top suggestions to help you in your engagement outfit quest!


1. Comfort is Key.

My biggest suggestion is to wear what you feel comfortable in. I always encourage my couples to take their engagement attire a step up from their “everyday wear,” but to not dress so far out of their comfort zone that they feel awkward and fidgety during their session. If ya feel awkward, odds are it will show in your photos! And we definitely don’t want that. Comfort is key.

2. Two outfits is best.

Bring a dressy outfit and then one that is a bit more casual! I LOVE when my brides wear a flowy dress of some sort. I’m huge into creating motion in photos, so wearing a flowy dress easily allows for you to run, dance, sit comfortably, etc. If you are at a loss outfit wise, feel free to bring a few options and I can help ya decide! I have a pretty good eye for what will help you look fantastic in front of the camera. ;)


3. Go with classic, rather than trendy.

It’s true. Class never goes out of style! Focus on styles that are classic and that fit you well. I promise you’ll be grateful you did 5 years from now!

4. Go BOLD. Stay away from small patterns.

As your photographer, this is my biggest plea. If you choose to go with a pattern, GO BOLD!! Bold patterns translate so much better on camera than small ones. Small patterns (especially the ones you may think are not noticeable), often translate to what we call “moire” in camera. This basically means that the pattern will look all wavy in camera rather than it’s true pattern. So in this case, BIGGER IS DEFINITELY BETTER!

5. Wear shoes you can walk in.

Location is key in this one. For example, if you choose a location out in the woods I encourage cute, comfortable shoes that you can easily walk in. If we’re shooting on the beach, I normally suggest you go barefoot. If you choose to wear heels, make sure you can move in them quickly and that the location isn’t muddy or too rough of terrain. I’m pretty good at giving my clients a heads up of the conditions of where we are heading, but feel free to shoot me a message if you are wondering!


6. Make sure your clothes are ironed.

Think we can’t tell if ya ironed your pants? You betcha we can! Wrinkles are easily seen on camera. Make sure your clothes look their best! Give them a good press before your session and hang them in the car on your way. I also encourage trying your clothes on before wearing them to your session to make sure they fit properly. This will help you know if they are a bit too snug for comfort and they areas they need more ironing. :)

7. Pay attention to the season!

Play your clothes up to the season in which you’re having your photos taken. Cozy up in sweaters in the winter and wear those fun, flowy sun dresses in the spring and summer! It’s also a good idea to consider the season in which you’ll be getting married. If you are getting married in the spring/summer, having snowy engagements may not be ideal. No matter the season, I ALWAYS encourage wearing a sleeve that is a bit longer in length. 3/4 length sleeves is often the most flattering in photos. I love shooting in greenhouses during this time to help match your wedding season for your wedding invites. Have fun with the season and go all out.


8. Be aware of your backdrop.

This is one point that is easily missed, but it’s super important! Once again, think about your session location. Then choose colors that will stand out against that background. Be cautious of wearing dark green if you are taking photos in a deep forest, or orange in the fall. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “Is it okay if my groom wears a white shirt for our session?” For this one, I encourage caution. A stark white shirt against snow will turn you into a floating head (oops), particularly if your partner is wearing colors that really contrast that white shirt. If he chooses to wear a white shirt, I encourage my brides to wear light, neutral, or pastel colors. This is actually one of my favorite outfit combos! Bright, colorful colors can also be really fun as well! Which leads us into my last point…

9. Coordinate and complement! Don’t match.

Remember those old family photo sessions where your mom would have everyone wear jeans and a matching color t-shirt? I swear we all have an old 90’s family photo like that somewhere in our home. It brings back great memories, doesn’t it? For engagements, I encourage staying away from being “matchy.” Focus on outfits that complement each other. Pair his suit with your favorite, classy dress or wear your pretty sweater with his handsome flannel! Focus on what defines your personalities and find your happy medium. :)

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