Elise + Juan: Provo City Center Wedding

Juan and Elise’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. I mean that seriously — the weather was a photographer’s dream! There was the most perfect amount of cloud coverage, it was a little warm but not unbearable, and I had the most adorable couple to work with! These two are SO in love, guys, and I was completely honored to capture their special day! It was so fun chatting with Juan and Elise as we took their photos. I loved getting to know them! Later on, Elise shared with me a few fun things about their relationship and their wedding day. Here is what she had to say:

How did you and Juan meet?

Juan and I met through mutual friends. His best friend, and roommate, was dating my good friend and roommate. Ironically, they are now married as well! The first time I met Juan was playing Frisbee with a bunch of friends. He was with another girl, but he tells me that I impressed him that day…  later he said it was because of my floral yoga pants haha.  It was the next semester that I really started showing interested in him. Not knowing I liked Juan,  I was set up by my roommate with a different one of his roommates. I was bummed because I really liked Juan, and I thought I had lost my chance.  I told Amber, my roommate, and well long story short Amber told Jake who told Juan that I liked him. So after a few weeks, Juan asked me if I wanted to go to Yoga with him.  I was way excited and said yes! Then after that we would go on dates and spend lots of time with each other. I was headed to Arizona the next semester and he was nervous about going into a steady relationship if I was leaving. The day before he left, and we wouldn’t see each other for a semester, decided that he could let me go without knowing I was his, so we decided to steady date and do the long distance thing. He came and visited one weekend while I was in AZ and one night we were outside the Mesa, AZ temple, that’s where we first told each other that we loved one another. That’s when I knew he was the one, my forever. When I came back from my internship we talked about getting married and Juan said he wanted to wait a year… we were engaged 3 months later.

Tell us about your proposal story!

Juan proposed in this adorable log cabin. We had been planning to go visit a bridge I wanted to show him. Driving out the bridge I could tell that he was a little antsy and I just thought he was being grumpy. Anyways, we get to the bridge I wanted to show him and he takes a deep breath and sighs... I thought to myself, “okay, mister grumpy pants.” We get out of the car and I show him around. He was like what if we went and visited all the other bridges tonight too! I said okay, so we got back in the car not five minutes after getting there. We drive to the other side of town to this other bridge. Close to this bridge was a log cabin. Juan walks me over to it and opens the door, he starts walking around and touching things, I’m thinking, “neat, lets go!” Then he picks up a guitar and starts to play. I realized what was happening and started to cry, of course. Then he gets down on one knee and asks if I would marry him, and needless to say I said yes!


What is your favorite thing about your husband?

My favorite thing about my husband is that he is so aware of me and everything he does is for my benefit! He tells me he loves me, and then shows me he loves me! He is the most kind, loving, and compassionate man I have ever met!  Honestly, he amazes me everyday with his kindness and love!


What was the best part of your wedding day?

The best part of my wedding day I think was just actually finally making it to the actual day and being married! I was so nervous and getting married was just such a relief!


Where did you find your wedding dress?

I found my wedding dress at Something Barrowed Dress Rentals I absolutely loved my dress! It was everything I wanted and I didn’t have to break the bank to get it!

What was important to you about finding a wedding photographer for your wedding day?

I wanted a good photographer for my wedding because after the party, the cake, the dances, the honeymoon, everything all you really have left from your wedding is pictures to remember so I wanted them to be good! Honestly, I was so pleased with the photos they were beautiful! 

What’s the best marriage advice you’ve received so far? 

The best marriage advice I have gotten so far is be willing to see each others point of view and hear one another out, being will to compromise.


What advice do you have for future brides?

My advice would be this, getting married is a huge life decision so if you are feeling a little bit of fear, anxiety, worry, don’t worry it totally normal! I’ve been there and yes it does get better! Marriage is so wonderful!

Morgan Weaver