Morgan Weaver is a creative at heart. Her love for seeing the world from behind the lens began during her freshman year of high school when her photography teacher encouraged her to pursue a career in Photojournalism. Nearly 8 years later, Morgan can be found shooting weddings and couples all across the West Coast. She has been featured in Utah Valley Bride, Utah Bride Blog, and Rocky Mountain Bride. Morgan received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a double emphasis in Visual Communications and Video Production Brigham Young University-Idaho.



Hi there! My name is Morgan and I love chips and salsa, salt in my hair, Gilmore Girls marathons and I think snowy mountain tops are one of the most magical things ever. I’m a natural blonde and my sweet family never lets me forget it. Sunny San Diego will always be home, but I currently reside in the desert of Gilbert, AZ. My husband and I love to travel together and capture our lives along the way. My little family is my everything and I love that my passions can help support us.


where it all began…
I first began exploring the world of photography during my freshman year of high school. I fell in love with everything about the life behind the lens. I soon found myself in a video production class. My mind was blown. I found I loved videography just as much as I loved photography. I filmed my first wedding video my senior year of high school. It was then that I discovered what I truly loved to capture — the joy of people’s relationships. To this day, I can’t decide which I love more – photography or videography. I just could never choose. Both capture emotion so differently and I believe that everyone should see their relationships and special moments in both ways.


I recently graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with my Bachelor’s in Communications with a double emphasis in Visual Communications and Video Production. Basically anything to do with a camera is my jam. I’m super passionate about film photography, graphic design and social media content creation.


What inspires my style…
Cody and I are big movie junkies. Some of my all time favorite movies are The King’s Speech, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Pirates of the Caribbean (really, I’m a sucker for anything Disney). As far as style inspirations, I think Wes Anderson’s color grading is breathtaking and that Mel Gibson’s screenwriting is hard to be matched.


Overall, I simply love a good story and I love a deep cinematic style.


I love moodier tones, unconventional shots and dramatic skies. When it comes to video, I believe music should inspire the flow of editing. If you’re looking to have some fun and let me capture you and your sweetheart in your lovey dovey element, we are going to be a great match. Prom-posed styled really isn’t my gig, because you deserve to look back and see what you were really like during the happiest moments of your life.


If you’ve made it this far, you are the best and you should for SURE send me a message below. Let’s chat. I want to hear who you are and what you (and your loved one/ones) are all about so feel free to drop a line or two in the comment section.


I can’t wait to capture your memoriesB